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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Cool words from Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer and others

by Warren

Over the past couple of years I’ve been drifting away from film and more towards words and pictures in the form of novels and comic books. My creative process has followed this path as well, with more interest in writing short stories and comics, and even trying my hand at drawing, to mixed results.

One of the keys to procrastination (which is a constant whatever the medium you’re working in) is looking for inspiration on the internet, and the first such quote comes from Robin Bougie, the guy behind the Cinema Sewer zine (made here in Vancouver, don’t click the link if bewbs offend you.)


Monday, April 13th, 2015

Doin’s a Transpirin’

by Warren

Rather than start with yet another apology for not writing more in the blog, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to, followed by details after the jump.

1) writing a story for Seasons of War

2) making a new Bookshelf Doctors comic strip every week

3) trying my hand at standup comedy (!)


Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Head Cases – Episode 2!

by Warren

Wrote a new chapter for Head Cases, my Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover fanfic (aka hijinks-filled megatrolling)! You can read Episode 2 here, or start from the beginning here

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Book update!

by Warren

About a year ago, I and my compatriots at Radio Free Skaro were guests at Westercon 66, a science fiction convention held in Sacramento. Westercon and a variety of other “pure” scifi cons tend to skew a little older and more towards things literary rather than out-and-out fandom. That’s obviously not a hard and fast rule, given that I was down there as part of a fan podcast focused on Doctor Who, but it is a noticeable difference from events like Gallifrey or San Diego Comic Con.

The upside of the literary bent of Westercon was that the dealer’s room was filled with books, many of them astonishingly cheap. I bought something like thirty paperbacks for around thirty dollars, and I was able to grab many of the sci-fi and fantasy books (classic and otherwise) that I’d missed as a youth.


Monday, March 31st, 2014

Elder Gods and Edmonton: my stab at Lovecraftian fiction

by Warren

I wrote a short story a couple of months ago as an attempt to get into an anthology of Canadian post-apocalyptic fiction. They ended up passing on it, so I’m posting it here for you to read and criticize/comment on. I’m also using the Wattpad embed widget thingy, so if there’s a way to rate it on there or otherwise interact, please do so.


Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

more fan fiction and what I’ll be up to for the rest of February

by Warren

Thanks to encouragement and support from both fellow fans and other writerly types such as J.M. Frey and Deb Stanish, I’ve kept at it with the fan fiction scribblin’. My newest is Head Cases – Episode 1, a bit of cranial nonsense involving Handles, Davros, the brain of Morbius and a few surprises. 

I’m also working on a couple of short screenplays and an original horror-themed short story…and a comic book script and some other ephemera. In other words, I’m keeping busy. 

Since I have a day job and occasionally freelance video work on my plate, I have to carve out time for writing, as every writer does. My routine for the foreseeable future is heading home from work, hitting the gym in my building and writing for an hour or two before bed. Glamorous? No. But it does mean I’ll be Getting Things Done. 

And speaking of getting things done, in a few days I’ll be heading off to Hawaii for a week to cover a conference for work. I’ll likely be way too tired after a day of blogging, tweeting and shooting video to get any writing done…which is why I intend to spend most of the flight to Maui glued to my new Macbook Air. 

After Hawaii, I’m heading to Gallifrey One, the biggest and best Doctor Who convention in North America. I’ll (despite a chronic lack of sleep thanks to a red-eye flight) be one of the three hosts, along withe the mighty Steven Schapansky and Chris Burgess opening the convention with the Radio Free Skaro: Gallifrey Stands live show (technical direction by Chip, the Two Minute Time Lord), followed by a weekend of friends, nerdery and probably a little booze. Then it’s back home to Vancouver and another marathon session of coverage for a big conference in town. 

Phew! February is going to be mighty busy. Wish me luck. 

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

new Mac | Life article out now

by Warren

Yep, my new article on Mac and iPhone/iPad security is live at Mac | Life. There’s more stuff in the pipeline, tech and gaming related, for different outlets, and I’ll let all you wonderful people know about it as soon as they’re a) written and b) posted. 🙂

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Why e-books might finally emerge

by Warren

E-books are a medium that, like picture phones, always seems to be right over the horizon but never actually comes to pass. In fact, an excellent article at Ars Technica recently detailed just how backward and resistant to change the publishing industry is, and the struggles pioneering e-book companies have had to go through to get both publishers and the public to accept paperless literature. But a number of factors (including, not surprisingly, the iPhone, but also the impending launch of a new Kindle reader from Amazon) are trending towards the e-book finally emerging as a viable reading platform.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Well, that didn’t work out as expected.

by Warren

So I vowed a while back to make more business friendly and focused in it’s subject matter. As you can see, that resulted in….sod all. This blog sees the most activity when I put my random thoughts on it, and at any rate who cares if it gets a bunch of pageviews? I started it as a way to force myself to write, and with the advent of my own video production company ( and the subsequent decline of posting on here) it looks like I need to do so again. So from now on, expect more posts about more stuff. Whether, in the words of the esteemed Colin Baker, “you like it or not.”

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Why Flash will suck on the iPhone

by Warren

…is the title of my latest article over at Mac | Life. It’s already getting some vigorous debate from Flash defenders and detractors, so join in with your two cents, wouldya?.