Thursday, April 8th, 2004

Once again I’ve left the


Once again I’ve left the updating on the back-burner. I’m a regular Lillebuen! 🙂

Let’s remedy the situation. First off, Iraq is looking like one hell of a mess. Can’t say I’m surprised, though. Did anybody really doubt that the Iraqis would throw down at some point, especially given the general slipshodity of the occupation? Looks to me like America has it’s own Lebanon. Way to go, guys.

On to lighter fare. Here’s a guy I’m gonna go jihad on. Evidently the Lord of the Rings wasn’t good enough for this effete film snob. I know it’s real surprising to see a guy who teaches philosophy to exhibit utter clue-lackery and a disdain for wondrous geek cinema, but there we are.

And finally, for all you art lovers out there, here’s a montage of Bush made entirely of photos of American casualties, and the same of John Aschroft, made up of porny goodness.

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