Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Radio Free Skaro #76 – Backwards towards the Future


With the Third Guy once again AWOL (this time in France) and not much in the way of news in the week prior to the Series Four premiere, Warren and Steven still threw down nearly an hour of jocularity as they discussed both recent Who-ish goings on and took time to reflect on their favorite story from each Doctor’s era. Next week, new Who! Oh yes, and Torchwood finale or something.

Warren Frey is a journalist, freelance writer, podcaster, video producer, and all-around media consultant currently based in Vancouver, Canada. His written work has appeared in such publications as Metro Vancouver, the Westender, Mac | Life and the Japan Times.

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Jean-Paul Samson says:

Ah, the ol’ “what’s your favourite Doctor Who story” filler. Another fun one to do is your list of “guilty pleasure” stories: the ones that are generally considered at best average, but you like far beyond their worth. It’s a great opportunity to mock each other’s tastes. My list would include “Leisure Hive” and “The Long Game”.

Jean-Paul Samson says:

Part of the trick to the “guilty pleasures” list is coming up with justifications as to why these stories shouldn’t be underestimated. Leisure Hive has a great list of guest stars (Adrienne Corri, Laurence Payne, and a very youthful looking David Haig) with better quality acting than most of the stories of its era. Likewise, Long Game stars Simon Pegg, BAFTA winning actress Anna Maxwell-Martin, and more.

The Leisure Hive also introduces a glossy new look, new titles, new rendition of the theme tune, new Quantel video effects, and the best 1980’s synth soundtrack. Oh, and Lalla Ward is hot–that helps.

I find the concept of a “companion failing his internship” to be an interesting concept, played out to great humorous effect in Long Game.

Warren says:

Hmmm, guilty pleasures for me include State of Decay (can’t get enough of Lord Aukon’s machinations), Ribos Operation (which I never liked when I first saw it, but the witty script has quite won me over since), probably Mindwarp, Invisible Enemy…..there’s probably more I can’t think of at the moment.

Jean-Paul Samson says:

Warren, your guilty pleasures list isn’t crappy enough! I like all the stories on it! :-p

I Am Steven says:

Delta and the Bannermen has always been near the top of my guilty pleasures list. Same goes for The Gunfighters and Revenge of the Cybermen.

Warren says:

Yeah, Revenge of the Cybermen is a good call. Image of the Fendahl is another one, as is Attack of the Cybermen, which really isn’t all that great…but I love it anyway. Violence, dodgy chameleon circuit, Lytton…good stuff. Btw anyone notice they’ve never mentioned the chameleon circuit in the new show? They used to harp about it incessantly on the old series, but that might have more to do with the show spanning the death of the police box in British society….today’s kids probably only know that blue box as a TARDIS and nothing else.

I am Steven says:

No….they mentioned it in the opening scenes of Boom Town. And it was a full on “chameleon circuit”, too, not “cloaking device” like that cop-out Fox movie.

Jean-Paul Samson says:

The BBC have revamped their Doctor Who website, and now include this amazing clip from the series premiere, Partners in Crime. Warning: major spoilers.…&info=&info2=&info3=

I don’t really want to say anything about this enthralling piece of television drama. I’ll let you form your own opinions.

Chris Burgess says:

I’ve finally had time to sit down and listen to part of the podcast. Just to back up Warren, indeed kilts are a fairly recent addition to Scottish culture and have only been around for 300 years or so. Things like this are what are learned when one goes to Scotland and spends much time in museums. I also learned that Robert the Bruce was even more of a bastard than as portrayed in Braveheart. And that Braveheart was factually nowhere even close to reality. Well, that one I knew before going to Scotland… but it was heavily reinforced.

I don’t recall seeing if the kilt was an addition by the English to the Scottish culture though. And I even sat through a 8- or 9-minute movie at one of the museums about tartans!

Warren Frey says:

Ummmm……hmmm. Yeah, not a fan of the Adipose (is that a April Fool’s thing? One would hope.)

I am Steven says:

Well, they are different…..I should want to have a doll version of that for Christmas!

Jean-Paul Samson says:

Okay. I’ll say it…

Purex bathroom tissue monsters!

Josh Zimon says:

Mini Pillsbury dough boys

Warren says:

Meh, the first episode is almost always a throwaway romp, even in the case of Rose. If it’s entertaining, fine by me.

I am Steven says:

Never start the season with a show closer, or anything too deep. It would get lost in all the hysteria of the show actually being back. Of course, the show has to always introduce or re-introduce a new character in each season opener, so it’s not like they could go gangbusters with a cracking story, anyway.

jabberwocky says:

Gee Warren you fail to under stand that the Warrior’s Gate the right sort of nonsense.

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