Friday, March 28th, 2008

Sweded Tron almost as cool as the original


With the release of Be Kind Rewind (which i didn’t think much of), the phenomenon of “sweding” films has gripped Internet videographers like a VHS-fueled fever. “Sweding” is the art of remaking famous film scenes in as clunky and obviously lo-fi way as possible. Most of these efforts fall kind of flat, but this remake of Tron is absolutely beautiful.

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2 Responses to “ Sweded Tron almost as cool as the original ”

John says:

That was awesome! I like the behind the scenes bit at the end during the credits…very clever.

Steven says:

Very good. Really shows you how powerful good sound sign can elevate anything really. this would suck so much more if they did not use the original sound from the film. Tron had ground breaking 3D visual but it also had some amazing sound design going on to really sell the world within a computer game.

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