Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

There’s magenta everywhere!


magentafixed.jpgToday on the Lab with Leo I did a segment about refilling ink cartridges. Throughout the course of the day magenta ink spread from my workstation to pretty much everyone and everything in the station. My hand took the brunt of the inky assault, as you can see here….

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4 Responses to “ There’s magenta everywhere! ”

cam c. says:

Note to self… insert clever “Cat In the Hat Comes Back” joke here…

cam c. says:

BTW, I hate the fact that ink cartridges are a racket to make money but geez, just buy a new one… who prints stuff out anymore anyway? 🙂

killahmullet says:

Go laser, or go home baby!

Jean-Paul Samson says:

Let’s take a look at a sample case for an inkjet printer, the Canon iP4500. This printer comes with five color cartridges as part of the package: photo black, yellow, cyan, magenta, and text black (for printing text). I’ll do the pricing at Future Shop.

Canon iP4500 Inkjet Printer: $149.95

Text Black Cartridge (PGI-5BK): $25.99
Photo Black (CLI-8BK): $20.99
Yellow (CLI-8Y): $24.99
Cyan (CLI-8C): $24.99
Magenta (CLI-8M): $24.99
TOTAL: $121.95

So, if you find the printer on sale, you might be better off just buying the printer again rather than buying ink cartridges for your existing printer.

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