Monday, October 29th, 2007

Vinyl + MP3: the ultimate CD-killer?


Wired has an interesting report on the resurgence of vinyl record sales among die-hard music fans. Apparently some indie labels are finding that selling music on vinyl with enclosed coupons for MP3 downloads is proving to be a very popular mix. Music-lovers can satisfy their tin ears at home listening to the richness of sound vinyl offers (while enjoying the large format album art), and then use the coupon to grab the same album for free off the label’s website for their iPods.

( If nothing else, it sounds like a great excuse to buy that DJ turntable setup you know you’ve always wanted…)

One Response to “ Vinyl + MP3: the ultimate CD-killer? ”

Cam says:

I couldn’t resist doing a post when I saw another headline about nails, coffins, and the record industry, continuing the theme of my last guest post here…

No word on where our moms stand on buying vinyl yet… 🙂

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